Shipping Info

For all shippings we use the Mexican Postal Service (Correos de Mexico)

All Shippings are registered with tracking number

The cost is per package and the price it varied depending your location.

USA & CANADA: €5.5
Europe: €6.5
Asia & Rest of the world: €7.5

This price may be increased due to the weight, but this situation usually happens in purchases containing t-shirts for this case, an extra cost will be applied of €4 per t-shirt. Here an example:

-If you buy some patches, 1 t.shirt and you live in Canada, the shipping cost will be €5.5 + €4, a total of €9.5
-If you buy some patches, 1 t.shirt and you live in Europe, the shipping cost will be €6.5 + €4, a total of €10.5

NOTE: The extra charge of €4 will be incrase for each t-shirt bought for example:

-If you buy some patches, 3 t.shirt and you live in Canada, the shipping cost will be €5.5 + €12, a total of €17.5

The delivery time varie depending on the country of destination, the official time due Mexican post service is 12-20 working days but you need wait 3 to 7 weeks approximately

8 thoughts on “Shipping Info

  1. Hey there, i just ordered 4 Blood Incantation Patches and want to ask,
    if you pls could label the package on the in- and outside like it’s worth 10 Dollar or something like that?
    And Maybe an invoice about 10 Dollar inside the package?
    Otherwise i had to pay high fees at german customs.
    You have to open the package at the german customs and they will have a look at the invoice:
    Thank you very much in Advance!!!

    Best regards

  2. Hi Pete!
    Sure, we will send the package with a value of 7.5 euros on the customs description
    Thanks for notify us for take this data into account for next purchases.

  3. Hi Patrick, monday will be shipped 😉

  4. Ordered trash talk patch 8weeks ago. No patch delivered so far

  5. Hi John, please if you can say us your order number, for check the status.
    Also, due the “Pandemic” the packages are taking more weeks in arrive

  6. Hola amigos, os escribí hace unas semanas y no me dieron respuesta.
    Hice un pedido el 30 de junio y aún no he recibido nada. Aparece como si no se hubiera enviado.
    Espero vuestra respuesta, me encanta vuestra tienda!

  7. Hey there. Just ordered a couple metal enamel pins a few days ago. Still waiting for a confirmation of shipment. How long does it take you folks to “process” and order and get it sent out and on the way? thanks,

  8. Tracking info sent lml

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